Welcome to the SUEZ Communities Trust Scottish Landfill Communities Fund (SLCF) online application form. This form must only be used for projects that are located in Scotland. If you want to submit an application for another area of the United Kingdom please visit our website and follow the links to an alternative application form.

You must read the application guide available from our website before answering each question.

Applicants will be required to attach a number of documents. These include a completed Project Budget, two digital photographs to illustrate the project, as well as digital copies of letters of support and quotations for any work to be carried out by contractors. You will be able to upload them into the application form in one of the later pages. If you are unable to upload digital copies you may supply this information by post.

Please click on the "?" sign for help with individual questions.

Once your application has been submitted you will see a message acknowledging receipt. You should also receive an e-mail, which confirms receipt of your application and advises what happens next in the application process. A copy of your application will be attached to the e-mail. Please advise SUEZ Communities Trust if you do not receive this e-mail.

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